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Clube das Senhorinhas (Little Ladies' Club) is a nice rest house placed in Brazil, aimed for old people to relax and have a good time.  They got everything you need - from lodging to medical support to a great variety of classes and games to choose from.

You are Susan, a 60 year old lady that was invited by your friend Eunice to play domino at this same rest house. You may think that passing the time with strangers may not help you with the struggles of daily life, but maybe those small talks can be more meaningful than you realize.

Follow Susan into a journey of rediscovering her own worth, guided by wisdom, tears and cuteness!


- Main character and love interests all 60+ years old!

- Replay Factoreach time you play the game, it'll have new options of dialogue to choose from! So you can play the same route, twice, and still get new lines of dialogue to read! (also, there's a bingo game where you can WIN or LOSE!!! depending on LUCK!!!!!!)

- Two platonic love interests (Sidney and Bernadette) and one FRIENDSHIP route (Eunice)!

- 3 good endings and one bad ending! (that is basically the same option every route so don't worry about getting a "bad ending" for choosing the "wrong dialogue options". there's not such a thing here. choose whatever you want, EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES!!!)

- Playtime around 1-2 hours per route!

- 2 CGs per route! (yeah, even the friendship one! BECAUSE FRIENDSHIP IS COOL AND IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!! HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!)


- Mention of death, curse words, family arguing, mention of religion.

- Bernadette's route is a bit longer than the other ones. She is LOUD, I just can't control it.


- Art, story, programming, GUI: Helen (@lenlen403)

- Music: Pixabay Music Library (Music_For_Videos, AudioCoffe, chillmore, ZakharValaha, Lesfm, Coma-Media, MarumachiMusic, MadIRFAN)

- Rain sound effect: envatoelements

Made for Otome Jam 2022!!

## I may translate this game to Brazilian Portuguese after the jam. MAS NÃO PROMETO NADA

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Cozy, Cute, Female Protagonist, First-Person, LGBT, Romance, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityBlind friendly

Install instructions

Download. Unzip. Play the exe file. You go, kid!


clube-das-senhorinhas-1.0-pc.zip 115 MB
clube-das-senhorinhas-1.0-mac.zip 81 MB

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I got Eunice's route and it really touched my heart. She's such a lovely character- I'd be happy to take walks and play dominoes with her and the group :> Great game!!


awnn!! i'm happy you liked her! she's would love to spend time with you :))

thank you for you comment! <3

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I haven't played all the routes yet (just bernadette's) but I absolutely ADORED IT!! 
The writing feels really natural and the interactions between characters made me laugh a lot, very very wholesome.

The art is so lovely, the CGs made me clutch my chest like:

also... a solo dev game!?!? INCREDIBLE! I am genuinley in awe at how much you were able to create in just 2 months! 
I hope you are very proud of yourself ^^ wheeeeeeee~ 

- gremlin ^^ 

ALSO!! (I won't spoil it) but the drama reveal ...👀 I audibly GASPED 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gremlin thank you thank you!!! ^___^

i'm really wanted everything to feel natural and wholesome so i'm happy it turned out that way yee!!! :'"")))))


awwww <33 i'm very proud of my lil game and how much i could achieve in those months. at the end of the jam i was like "huh...... is this even that great?" bc i got used to everything but seeing everyone's comments makes me realize again that yeah...........it was a lot of work.... !!! and i'm happy it turned out the way i wanted :')

SIDFGSIEGESOUNSEROUN YEAH I WAS SO EXCITED WHILE I WAS WRITING IT!!!!!!!!!! it felt so much like a soap opera and i was like DAMN I LOVE THIS I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE EVERYONE'S REACTIONS AND SUNSKDFNKJFNKABGEU anyway ;; thanks again!!!! hope u enjoy the other routes <3

BERNADETTE'S ROUTE, HELEN. ISTG YOU DFHAKYSJ i loved everything, the art was adorable and you had me crying at some point so that's that ilysm and take a break now that you're done! I'm proud of you! 

KJNFKSNFFNELUNIEFNSNALIEFNSEL I'M SO GLAD!!!!!!!!!!!! and i hope it were happy tears <33

awnn, i'm taking!! thank you so much for your support <333 ilyy smmm jazziee!!!!!!! <3<3<3

i loved it XDDDDD i played eunice's route first, and omgggg!!! she's so amazing, so much wisdom. i'm still gonna play the other routes but i just wanted to leave a comment first. also that ending music???? I LOVE IT

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sjnlfsdnfjkf i love Eunice so much!!!! thanks for playing :)))

also YEAH, I LOVE THAT SONG!!!! it always get stuck in my head when i listen to it :')